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Very friendly and professional people there. David and Woody are very helpful and not pushing you to make the deal. Got my car three months already, runs pretty good. Strongly recommend!

Tiffany freire

Hi Tiffany: Thank you so much for your trust and patient during the transaction. It is really a pleasure to get the chance to work out a deal with you and your friend. Enjoy your summer with the pretty car.

Margaret Vargas

We had a very positive experience buying a car at Dijie Auto Sales.  David and Woody were exceptionally very helpful and informative. We never felt any sales pressure to buy a car. The paperwork was effortlessly and professionally done by Woody’s wife , she took the time to explain everything to us. The car was delivered clean and when it had been promised to us. The car received a new inspection sticker and they will go to the DMV and register your car for a low fee. Very convenient!  All the personnel went above and beyond to make sure that all of our concerns and questions were taken care of. I highly would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to buy a well priced , clean used car. Overall, great place and people!

Danny Ryan

Dijie was extremely helpful when purchasing my new vehicle. Any concerns that I had, they took care of right away. Not only did they do that but when I was seeking outside financing they held the vehicle for me without deposit and honored working with me. Even though people showed up with cash in hand. Overall a great experience and highly recommend.

Ben Nestor

Got a good deal on a Nissan Sentra. Woody was very helpful as were the rest of the employees there. I would recommended them if you are looking for a car.

Tongtong Zhao

I bought my car from Dijie, the owner Woody is a EXTREMELY NICE person! He found the car for me in 2 weeks and took care all the processing documents, I just needed to sign my name and pay. The car he found is in a perfect condition, the mileage is really low and the whole car has the original paint, no damage, the color is also what I want! This car satisfies all my requirements I listed before! He helped me with all the car check, license installation and so on, much more than I can write about, his father is also very nice, taught me a lot about how to take care the car and how to choose the car in the future. Very nice family and business!